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Tobacco Treatment specialists (TTS)

Many hospitals have special tobacco treatment centers staffed with physicians and others who specialize in helping patients quit smoking. 


  • Tobacco treatment specialists use a combination of counseling and medication, such as nicotine patches or gum, to help you succeed. 
  • They have the most up-to-date information about treatment options, and are able to implement them effectively
  • Your initial consultation is arranged by your health care provider
  • Follow-up after initial consultation may be by phone or by in person appointments
  • By taking advantage of the support, understanding, and expert information offered by a TTS professional, your likelihood of successfully quitting is doubled compared to attempting to quit alone.


Not sure if you're ready to quit? No worries!

Tobacco treatment specialists don’t expect you to be ready to stop the day you come to see them. Even if you're not ready to quit, you can benefit from your consultation by learning more about your tobacco use and create a plan that addresses your needs.

Ask your doctor if he or she can help you get connected. 

Your doctor may also be able to help you directly by prescribing medication or providing counseling.