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Beginning in 2016, perioperative physicians are able to report PQRS #404: Anesthesiology Smoking Abstinence as a part of the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).  


More information about how to report this measure is available here:


ASA Stop Smoking Initiative (PQRS)

Medicare provides reimbursement for tobacco cessation counseling.  All patients who use tobacco are eligible, regardless of whether they have a smoking-related disease.  


Medicare Preventative Services (brochure)

CMS reimbursement manual for smoking cessation

CPT/ICD codes for smoking cessation


Two codes are available: one for spending between 3-10 minutes in counseling and another for spending more than 10 minutes.  

The Affordable Care Act mandates that private insurers also cover these services and that coinsurance and deductibles are waived.  Reimbursement is in addition to any charges for preoperative anesthesia assessment. 


See these two helpful sites for more details: 


American lung association

ACA Tobacco Cessation Toolkit